Claims Process

In order to submit a claim each claimant will have to re-register his MTI Account on this website. The MTI Account number will then be used as the future username for submission of claims.

As the validity of the MTI database has been questioned, and due to the fact that MTI allowed the creation of unverified accounts, each account will be verified separately.

The first step in the process will be to sign-up on this website. You will need to provide your MTI Account Number as well as correct information on the entity that will submit the claim(Personal, Business or Third Party).

Once you have completed all the relevant information and created a NEW password, you will receive an e-mail request in order to verify the address is valid.
Once this has been verified you will be able to log in to the website and upload the required documentation. This will include a copy of your Identification document or passport, business registration documents, a bank account verification document, etc

Documents received will be used to verify the MTI account and claimant. Once this is complete the trustee team will then provide the details as to what may be claimed as per a predefined formula based on the activity of the MTI account. This detail will be provided back to the claimant and attached to the final claim form, which can then be downloaded from this site.

Once claim documents have been sent, the claimant will have to sign these and have them certified by a commissioner of oaths. Finalised documents will then be submitted to:

73 Bond Street, Clydesdale
South Africa


Claims Assistance and Contacts


Provisional Liquidation

Provisional Liquidation order of MTI from Master of the High Court of South Africa on 28 December 2020 NO: 19201/2020

Certificate of Appointment

Certificate of Appointment of Provisional liquidator, Master of the High Court of South Africa, NO: C000906/2020.